4 hours

Ethylene Oxide

Biological indicators by fluorescence

4 hours: H.B 22EO4H

The rapid reading biological indicator was designed and developed to quickly assess ethylene oxide sterilization cycles.

The process of reading the biological indicator consists in interaction between the enzyme produced by the bacterium Bacillus Atrophaeus and the fluorescent substrate present in the culture medium.

The response time occurs within 4 hours after incubation.

A “dead” organism is considered when:

* There is no proliferation in culture media that once showed proliferation

* The probability of survival of the organism is less than 10-6 CFU

We consider an article sterile when the probability of survival of microorganisms is less than 1:1,000,000

“Standardized preparation containing live and viable microorganisms, known to be resistant to the sterilization method to be monitored, and whose objective is to demonstrate whether the conditions in the sterilizer are adequate to produce sterilization” Favero, 1998

Yes, Hygia Bio’s indicators can be read on the main readers on the market!

For assured quality, a biological indicator must be packaged within a process challenge device (PCD) and used to monitor each load of material containing sterilized critical medical devices or implants. The number of packages must be proportional to the size of the autoclave.