Hygia Bio is graced in the program Paraná Anjo Inovador: A Mark in the Promotion of Public Healthcare

Hygia bio

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that we announce our selection for the prestigious program Paraná Anjo Inovador, a visionary initiative promoted by the government of Paraná to foment the ecosystem of innovative startups. Hygia Bio, compromised with the revolution in monitoring the sterilization processes in healthcare installations, was graced with this acknowledgment, putting us in the vanguard of digital transformation in public healthcare.

Paraná Anjo Inovador is the biggest Brazilian project of financial incentive destined for startups, with a total subsidy of R$ 20 million. This program, coordinated by the Secretary of Innovation, Modernization, and Digital Transformation, is a powerful lever for startups from Paraná that are at the front in the development of products, services, and innovative processes in the critical fields of healthcare, education, agriculture, and public management.

The concession of this subsidy is a testimony of the potential impact of our dedicated solutions to advanced monitoring of the sterilization processes at hospitals, health centers, and other healthcare installations. With financial aid proportionated by the program, we are more qualified than ever to accelerate our projects and contribute to the modernization of monitoring practices of sterilization in Paraná State.

In Hygia Bio, we recognize the critical importance of maintaining healthcare environments free of contamination. Our tireless focus on innovating in monitoring technology has put us as ideal partners in this emblematic initiative. Now, with the support of Paraná Anjo Inovador, we are one step closer to accomplishing our view of establishing new patterns of hygiene and safety in healthcare environments.

The selection of the program was a competitive and rigorous process, aligned with the Objectives of Sustainable Development of ONU. The evaluation was conducted by an Evaluation Committee composed of many governmental entities, reflecting the seriousness and compromise of the state in promoting substantial innovations that resonate with the global goals of sustainability.

We thank the Government of Paraná and the Secretary of Innovation, Modernization, and Digital Transformation for recognizing the potential in our startup and proportionate this unmatched opportunity. We are excited about our future collaborations and we are focused on contributing meaningfully to the well-being and security of Paraná’s citizens.

This is just the start of a collaborative journey to make a tangible difference in public healthcare. We invite all our stakeholders, patterns, and the general public to join us in this exciting journey to mold a safer and healthier future. Through continuous innovations and fruitful collaborations, Hygia Bio is determined to establish new paradigms in monitoring sterilization processes, acting as a catalyzer to a more robust and resilient public healthcare.

We are anxious to share our advances and continuous accomplishments with all of you. Follow our blog and social media channels for regular updates about our projects and initiatives. Together, we can build a safer and more innovative healthcare ecosystem for all.

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