Hygia Bio was present at MEDICA 2023 – The biggest B2B hospital conference in the world

Hygia bio

Between november 13th and 16h of 2023, MEDICA, the biggest B2B hospital conference in the world, took place. The event occurred in Düsseldorf, Germany, and brought a wide variety of innovative products and services in the fields of medical images, laboratory and diagnostic technology, healthcare IT, mobile medicine, as well as physiotherapy technology and medical consumables were presented here. Hygia Bio was present during the 4 days of the event with our CEO Cícero Oliveira. This article will check the impact of the event in the hospital area and how Hygia’s presence was important.

What happened in the event

The conference MEDICA is recognized as the biggest B2B (business-to-business) conference of the world, performing a crucial role in the global healthcare sector.

  • Networking and Partnerships: Being a B2B event, it conference meaningful networking opportunities. Industry professionals, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and healthcare professionals used the conference to establish and strengthen commercial relations.
  • Tendencies of the Sector and Insights: The conference is a thermometer of current and future tendencies of the healthcare sector. Being able to participate at MEDICA has offered us at Hygia a wide view of the changes in the market, new regulations, challenges and emerging opportunities in the global healthcare industry.

This year, MEDICA expanded its event to in online format, offering virtual platforms for expositors and visitors, allowing global participation to even those who could not be there physically.

Besides that, the event had an extensive forum agenda, meetings, and special first-class shows, offering opportunities for presentations and interesting discussions with specialists and politicians, including presentations of new products and reward ceremonies.

Hygia Bio’s participation importance

The presence of Hygia was very important because we had the opportunity to show what Brazil has been doing to make the medical-hospital environment a safer place. We were located in the brazilian lodge and presented our innovative products.

We had the opportunity to pick up requests, establish contact with potential clients and identify supplies that can contribute to the growth and development of our products and services.

Besides that, participation in the event allowed us to accompany the emergent tendencies of the sector, establish strategic partnerships, and explore new market opportunities. The Hygia team is anxious for the next edition of the event, that already has a date: it’ll occur between November 11th and 14th.

Se what our CEO, Cícero, commented about the event in an interview:

“The medical importance of MEDICA to any brazilian industry is that it opens the doors of the international market to companies that wouldn’t be able to go alone”

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