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Hygia Bio’s Journey: Celebrating Two Years of Innovation!

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On this April 18th, we commemorate Hygia Bio’s second anniversary since its inception. Amidst the bustling biotechnological landscape, this dynamic player emerged in April 2022 with the establishment of Hygia Bio. Swiftly securing its place at Biopark, the technological park in Toledo – PR, the company ensured compliance with sanitary surveillance, fire safety, and municipal regulations by June of the same year. Today, we celebrate their remarkable journey from inception to global prominence!

Pioneering Biotech Innovations Amidst Global Challenges

As Hygia Bio transitioned into its second phase, it focused on constructing a state-of-the-art laboratory and producing pilot batches for rigorous testing. By July 2022, the first team members were meticulously manipulating bacteria and culture mediums. By December, the lab was fully operational, equipped with the latest technology, and staff were engaged in the intricate dance of producing culture mediums and bacteria, backed by tests confirming their effectiveness.

The third phase marked a significant leap with the completion of specialized machinery for filling and sealing glass ampoules and plastic tubes by July 2023. This advancement propelled Hygia Bio into the industrial sphere, boasting a production capacity of 35,000 biological indicator ampoules per month, tailored to meet diverse product line demands.

ISO 13485 certification

Achieving ISO 13485 certification in October 2023 was a pivotal moment for Hygia Bio, underscoring its commitment to quality and opening doors to international markets. The meticulous process of documentation, ERP system governance, and certification validation spanned over a year, but the payoff was substantial, with many countries expressing keen interest in Hygia Bio’s offerings.

With the foundation firmly laid, Hygia Bio embarked on phase five, scaling production and responding to initial orders. The team underwent extensive training, fine-tuning operations based on client feedback, and engaging in strategic price and volume negotiations.

The sixth phase heralded a new round of investments aimed at boosting productivity and completing the project, including the launch of a self-reader. This phase capitalized on the groundwork laid by CEO Cícero Oliveira and GOAT Ventures, ensuring that Hygia Bio’s initial focus on international trade did not wane.

International Presence

Hygia Bio’s strategic positioning and brand development were further solidified through participation in three international conferences, confirming the market’s receptivity to newcomers. With exports to over ten countries and strategic alliances with exclusive distributors, Hygia Bio demonstrated its prowess, with purchase intentions exceeding $250,000 in the first year of relationships.

At Arab Health in January 2023, Hygia Bio’s commercial endeavors bore fruit with an $8,000 sale request from Saudi Arabia, pending only the final ISO certification procedures. Domestically, the company engaged in fruitful discussions with potential distributors, fostering exclusive partnerships to bolster the Hygia Bio brand. Simultaneously, the company pursued a B2B sales model with manufacturers, targeting hospitals and sterilization centers as primary customers.

Inaugurating the Future: Hygia Bio’s Manufacturing Plant 

The year of 2023 was one of significant milestones for Hygia Bio, marked by the inauguration of its manufacturing plant in August. This pivotal event was the culmination of meticulous planning and adjustments to machine equipment, ensuring the seamless operation of the facility.

Quality Endorsement: Certificate of Conformity

The company also received the Certificate of Conformity in Health Product Quality Management System from the Falcão Bauer Quality Institute, a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence.

Arab Health and Medica 2023

Hygia Bio’s presence at Arab Health 2023 in Dubai and Medica 2023 – the World Forum for Health – underscored its growing influence and commitment to global health.

R&D Innovations: A New Supplier for Enhanced Productivity

As 2024 dawned, Hygia Bio continued to push the boundaries of innovation with its Research & Development (R&D) initiatives. A key focus was the collaboration with ADINATH INTERNATIONAL INDIA PVT. to develop a new machine for cutting and sealing glass, aimed at significantly enhancing the company’s production capacity.

Market Expansion: Kingdom Certification and ApexBrasil Partnership

This year also saw the Kingdom Certification of Saudi Arabia FDA, which certified and authorized the importation and commercialization of Hygia Bio’s products within the country. Hygia Bio’s participation at Arab Health 2023 in Dubai for the second consecutive year and its partnership with ApexBrasil are strategic moves that highlight the company’s vision and determination to be a leader in the biotech industry.

As we celebrate April 18th, it marks Hygia Bio’s second anniversary since its inception. The company’s evolution stands as a testament to strategic planning, unwavering quality focus, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. In doing so, Hygia Bio has set a new standard in the biotech industry.

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