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Biological indicators by fluorescence and pH: What they are and how they work?

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Sterilization is an essential process in ensuring the safety of medical materials and devices. It consists in the destruction of all pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, funghi and viruses. 

To ensure that the sterilization process was efficient, it is important to utilize biological indicators. They are specific microorganisms known by the resistance to sterilization methods, whether it is through heat, vapor, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide or other sterilizing agent. The presence of viable microorganisms after the sterilization process shows a failure in the processes, while their death confirms the sterilization efficacy. 

When using biological indicators, you can help ensure that equipment and materials that were sterilized are duly free of pathogenic microorganisms. It helps to protect the patients, professionals and consumers health. 

There are two types of biological indicators: by fluorescence and by pH.

Biological indicators by fluorescence 

The biological indicators by fluorescence are more common. They contain bacteria spores that are resistant to many different sterilization types. The spores are put in a culture medium that contains a fluorescent indicator. 

If the spores survive the sterilization process, they will multiply and produce fluorescence. It then can be detected by a biological indicators’ reader.

Hygia Bio offers a variety of biological indicators by fluorescence to different applications and configurations, including to monitor sterilization by vapor, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde and ethylene oxide.

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Advantages of biological indicators by fluorescence:

  • High sensibility: Can detect the presence of even a single organism
  • Fast: Results can be obtained in 20 minutes
  • Usage Easiness: Easy to use and prepare

Biological indicators by pH

Biological indicators by pH are used to monitor sterilization processes in autoclaves, with or without a vacuum system present. The spores are put in a culture medium that changes color due to the bacteria response.

If the spores survive, they’ll multiply and change the pH of the culture, which in return will alter the color of the culture. 

Hygia Bio’s Biological indicators by pH are a low cost option to monitor sterilization by diverse methods. They are easy and provide trustworthy results.

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Advantages of biological indicators by pH:

  • Low cost
  • Resistance to environmental factors
  • Only one incubating chamber needed

Biological indicators are a powerful and essential tool to ensure efficacy of a sterilziation process. The choice of the biological indicator type most adequate will depend on a variety of factors, such as the sterilization type, cost and sensibility wished.

Hygia Bio is a brazilian company specialized in biosecurity solutions. Our biological indicators by fluorescence are a trustworthy and high quality option to monitor sterilization.

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