Hygia Bio acquires authorization to export products to Saudi Arabia through the SFDA

Hygia bio

Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) represents an important mark for Hygia Bio, indicating not only the quality and safety recognition of our products, but also opening doors to the expansion in the Saudi market, one of the biggest and most regulated in the Middle East. This certification is a testimony of the compromise of Hygia Bio with the highest standards of regulatory quality and conformity, essentials to the performance in the biosecurity and hospital infections controls sector.

What is SFDA?

Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) is a governmental entity responsible for the regulation, supervision and approval of food, medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and pesticides in Saudi Arabia. Their main goal is to ensure safety, efficiency and product quality to all Saudi consumers, besides promoting public health care and preventing associated risks to the consumption of these products. 

SFDA plays a crucial role in the quality control and in the assurance that all imported products and commercialized products in Saudi Arabia meet the rigorous norms. This includes the scientific evaluation of medical remedies and devices, the inspection of the product installation and market monitoring to ensure conformity with the local and international regulations.

To companies that aim to enter the Saudi market, obtaining certification from the SFDA is a fundamental step. This involves a detailed process of documentation submission, conformity evaluation and, in some cases, on-site inspections. SFDA’s approval not only allows the entrance to the market, but also works as a seal of quality and trustability, essential to build the consumers and commercial partners’ trust in Saudi Arabia. 

What does this mark represent for Hygia Bio?

To Hygia Bio, the SFDA’s certification is not only a validation of our efforts in research, development and conformity with international norms; it is also a strategic key to the company’s positioning in the market. The certification reinforces our global reputation as a leader in biosecurity solutions, opening opportunities in other regulated markets of the region and beyond.

This recognition by the SFDA allows the company to directly access a market with a crescent demand for advanced solutions in biosecurity and infection control, answering to a critical public health need. 

Besides that, being in accordance with the rigorous requirements of SFDA reinforces Hygia Bio’s image as a committed company with excellency and responsible innovation, attributes that are more and more valued by partners and consumers all across the world. 

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