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Hygia Bio’s participation in the Arab Health 2024 was a great success, ephasizing our complete line of biological indicators to control disinfection and prevention of hopsital infections. Besides strengthening our bonds with importers already estabilished, like Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Jordan, Poland, Arab Emirates and India, we conquered new promising markets, such as Paquistan, Iran, Lebano, Egypt, Argelia, Tunisia, Netherlands and Vietnam. This advance solidifies our position as a growing company in the international market.

The results of the conference were truly surprising to Hygia. We’ve captured 103 leads, in which most of them were converted into tangible businesess. The Arab Health, recognized as the biggest medical-hospital conference to the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe, offered an adequate enviroment to reinforce our presence and highlight the importance of our biological indicators.

It comes to the attention the fact that four biological indicators manufacturers were present in the conference, including Terragene, Sterrad, 3M and, of course, Hygia Bio. This statement highlights the relevance of our thesis and the uniqueness of our offert on the market.

The networking estabilished in Arab Health, in colaboration with the Agência Brasileira de Vigilância Sanitária, the brazilian embassador in the Arab Emirates and the director of operations of Apex Brasil to the Middle East, North Africa and India was of extreme importance. The strategical conections show our commitment in getting closer and closer to the sector, searching for new opportunities and horizons to the growth of the company.

In summary, the Arab Health 2024 not only solidified our position in the international market, but also opened doors for a meaningful expansion, reinforcing Hygia Bio as a exporting company in ascension. We are anxious to transform these opportunities in lasting partnerships and succesful businesses in the recent-explored markets.

Cícero Oliveira – CEO Hygia Bio
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