Innovating for Oral Health: The Pioneer Role of Hygia Bio in the World Oral Health Day

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On the World Oral Health Day, celebrated annually, we highlight the importance of proper oral hygiene and the crucial role that it plays in the prevention of diseases and the promotion of general healthcare. This date serves as a vital reminder to the awareness about oral health, emphasizing not only the need for personal hygiene practices, but also the importance of the access to high quality odontological care.

Oral health is a window for the general health of the body. Odontological problems, such as cavities and gum diseases, can have serious and long term implications, affecting quality of life and contributing to systemic conditions such as diabetes and cardiac diseases. Therefore, prevention, through regular caring and good hygiene practices, is fundamental. 

Biosecurity measures are fundamental in the odontological context, where the risk of pathogen transmission can be elevated due to the invasive nature of many dental procedures and to the frequent contact with body fluids like saliva and blood. 

Some of the main biosecurity measures in dentistry include:

  • Instrument Sterilization: The sterilization of the instruments is fundamental to prevent pathogen transmission. Each instrument must be carefully cleaned and sterilized after each use, utilizing methods such as autoclave, that uses pressurized vapor to reach high levels of sterility. Hygia Bio offer biological indicators by fluorescence and pH, that are designed to monitor the sterilization efficacy, ensuring that the instruments are safe for the next use. 
  • Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Professionals must utilize PPEs, such as gloves, masks, protection glasses and lab coats in order to protect themselves against potentially infected materials. The correct usage of PPE protects both patients and professionals against the exposure to infectious agents. 
  • Disinfection of Surfaces: The work surface must be regularly disinfected. Using the products and technology provided by Hygia Bio, the clinics must adopt effective disinfection protocols, ensuring a clean and safe environment.
  • Residue Management: The correct residue discard, specially the biological and sharp residues, is vital to avoid the propagation of infection. The residue must be separated according to their classification and discarded in appropriate containers. 
  • Infection Control: The implementation of an efficient program infection control that includes regular monitoring of biosecurity practices and the evaluation of risks with the biological indicators developed by Hygia Bio, the dentistry clinics can ensure a high level of infection control, meaningfully reducing the risks associated with crossed infections. 
  • Continuous Training: The education and continuous training of healthcare professionals regarding biosecurity practices are vital. This includes updates on the most recent norms and procedures to the control of infections.

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Hygia Bio and Oral Health

In the context of oral healthcare, Hygia Bio stands out as an innovating force, working tirelessly to make the odontological environment safer and free of infection. The company, specialized in biosecurity and infection control, developed a variety of products and solutions that are revolutionizing the sterilization norms in odontological clinics. With the use of proprietary technologies, Hygia Bio offers biological indicators by fluorescence and pH that ensure the efficacy of sterilization, protecting both professionals and patients. 

Hygia Bio’s biological indicators through vapor, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide and formaldehyde are designed to attend the specific needs of dental clinics, ensuring that the instruments are correctly sterilized and the risk of infection related to oral assistance is minimized. This commitment with innovation and high quality puts Hygia Bio in the sector’s vanguard, contributing meaningfully to the promotion of global oral health. 

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On the World Oral Health Day, while we focus on the importance of prevention and caring, it is equally important to highlight and celebrate the technological advancements that companies such as Hygia Bio bring to the dentistry field. Through its innovations, Hygia Bio not only contributes to oral healthcare, but also promotes a safer and more efficient dental care environment for everyone.

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