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Women in Science: Breaking Barriers and Shaping the Future of Biosecurity

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On International Women’s Day we celebrate the accomplishments and the fundamental role of all women in all society’s sectors, including a field as crucial as biosecurity. This date, globally marked on March 8th, is an opportunity to reflect on the advancements in gender equality as well as recognize that there are challenges still to come.

Biosecurity, an essential field for human and environmental health protection, has seen a growing and indispensable participation of women. They bring unique perspectives, innovations and leadership that enriches this field, contributing to the development of more efficient and secure solutions in preventing infection and in maintaining the safety in medical and hospital environments. 

Women in biosecurity perform a vital role, from research and development of new technologies to the management of safety guidelines as well as leadership of multidisciplinary teams. Their dedication and ability to innovate are essential to face the global public health care challenges, as evidenced by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, where women all around the world were in the frontline, contributing significantly to the response and recovery efforts.

Women in Hygia Bio

Hygia Bio, company that transformed the biosecurity sector, has Fabiana Rigobello as a central figure, acting as Co-Founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer). WIth more than 15 years of experience, she has a notable history that reflects her profound commitment with innovation and excellency in the biosecurity and biotechnology fields. Fabiana graduated in biochemical pharmacy, with specialization in clinical analyses, and has a master’s degree in microbiology and a doctorate in experimental pathology, both from UEL (Universidade Estadual de Londrina).

The importance of Fabiana Rigobello as a woman acting in Hygia Bio goes beyond her position and technical contributions. She serves as an inspiring example of feminine leadership in a field historically dominated by men, specially in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. Her presence and success in Hygia Bio highlights the importance of gender diversity in the workplace and in leadership, offering a valuable perspective that can boost innovation and the approach of complex challenges in biosecurity. 

In this International Women’s Day, we express our admiration and gratitude to all women for their resilience, accomplishments and incalculable impact in biosecurity and beyond. We recognize your continuous effort to make our world safer and more equitative. Together, we continue breaking barriers, shaping the future of biosecurity and incentivizing future generations of women to explore their passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Happy Women’s Day!

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