We are born with the purpose of innovating to make the medical-hospital environment a safer place

We are born with the purpose of innovating to make the medical-hospital environment a safer place

Hygia bio

Hygia Bio arise as a vanguard company in the medical-hospital biosecurity scenery, with a clear and defined purpose: innovate to transform the medical-hospital environment in a safer place, minimizing the risks of infections related to health care. This compromise not only approaches a critical topic of public health care but also reflects a profound dedication to the continuous improvement of norms care and patient safety.

In a world where hospital infections represent one of the biggest challenges to the health care systems, causing extension of internations, increase of assistance costs and, more severely, elevation of morbidity and mortality, Hygia Bio’s mission of reducing these risks is as urgent as it is essential. The company positions itself in the frontline of innovation, developing technologies and solutions that aim not only to respond to the current challenges but also anticipate the future needs of biosecurity.

How do we innovate?

Through lean and automatized industrial processes, besides the development of proprietary technologies, Hygia Bio works to offer efficient and competitive solutions. Our focus goes beyond mere commercialization of products; We also aim to democratize the access of ultra fast biotechnological analyses and the implementation of cutting edge products and services. This allows institutions of all sizes, from small clinics to big hospitals, to implement robust practices of biosecurity, ensuring a safer environment for both patients and health care professionals.

Located at Toledo, Paraná, inside the Biopark – the first Scientific and Technological Park of Biosciences under demand in Brazil – the manufacturing plant of Hygia Bio is a testimony to its commitment with innovation and excellency. This environment is propitious to research, development and biosecurity solutions’ production, benefiting from an environment rich in technology and scientific knowledge. 

This purpose of innovating reflects a wide view that sees public health care not only as a duty, but also as a right accessible to everyone. With the integration of advanced technology and a compromise with research and development, Hygia Bio is establishing new standards in medical-hospital biosecurity, promoting a safer and more effective in preventing infections environment. This way, Hygia Bio not only contributes to the elevation of health care patterns, but also performs a crucial role in the protection of life, reaffirming its commitment with innovation and security that each solution offers. 

Innovation in Products

Our products differentiate themselves according to their temporal specifications adapted to the different needs regarding sterilization processes, with options that go from 20 minutes to 4 hours of monitoring. For example, regarding the sterilization through vapor, Hygia Bio offers indicators that vary from 20 minutes (H.B 22S20M) to 3 hours (H.B 22S03H), while in the sterilization through ethylene oxide, the indicator is projected to give results in 4 hours. (H.B 22EO4H). For sterilization through hydrogen peroxide, the time is of 24 minutes, and through formaldehyde it is 2 hours (H.B 22F02H)​​.

This innovation not only elevates the security standards and efficiency of medical environments but also demonstrates Hygia Bio’s commitment with the technological vanguard in biosecurity. Through these products, the company reinforces its mission of making health care environments a safer place, minimizing the risks of contamination and infections, which is essential to both the patients’ and health care professionals’ safety. 

Hygia Bio - Our products

Biological Indicators by Fluorescence

The biological indicators by fluorescence of Hygia Bio are projected to give a fast and visual reading of fluorescence produced by the indicators, easing the monitoring of the sterilization efficacy. These indicators are made available in different versions, each of them adequate for the sterilization method, whether it is through vapor, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide or formaldehyde, with response time that vary from 20 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the sterilization method and specific product. 

Biological Indicators by pH

Besides that, Hygia Bio offers biological indicators by pH, which are utilized in a variety of healthcare establishments, such as medical, dental, esthetics clinics, as well as tattoo studios. These indicators are also projected for different methods of sterilization, and all of them with a response time of 24 hours.

The innovation of biological indicators products of Hygia Bio reflects its objective of producing efficient and competitive solutions through lean and automatized industrial processes, besides developing proprietary technologies. This not only strengthens Hygia Bio’s position as a leader in biosecurity solutions, but also contributes meaningfully to the safety and efficacy of medical-hospital environments, fighting infections related to health care assistance. 

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